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3 Most Powerful Star Wars Toys

In 1976, Kenner, then a subsidiary of grain manufacturer General Mills, found one of the best licenses obtained when George Lucas made the Star Wars toys. The royalties he had received on action figures and game trays were a great success in financing the next two films.

1. Luke Skywalker Nendoroid
Good Smile's Nendoroid line is a popular place at Geek headquarters: they are a great funko pop, but they do not limit their agility and turn them into action figures instead of office decorations. His Luke Skywalker captures the fresh-faced Jedi when he appeared in A New Hope, all ready to attack the Empire and not knowing anything of the horrible things that will soon happen to him.

2. Star Wars Pinball
Having your own pinball is part of these eternal geek fantasies, but in reality they are not expensive at all. The Stern Star Wars machine is an entertaining table with a death star in 3D, eight bright LED lasers, trained targets and a maximum of 6 multi-ball balls. There is no skill limit, so even experienced players will find a challenge.

3. Star Wars Darth Moore Toys
This Japanese figure of the mortal warrior Dathomir with two blades is designed with great attention to detail. As with all the Bandai Figuarts series, agility is crucial for this model, since it is possible to recreate their kinetic film duels.