• Apr 02, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
Sasuke, the most prominent emo-anime guy in the sensational anime and manga Naruto, is a popular fanatic character for many reasons. His fresh attitude, his creative abilities and his mysterious motivations made the character stand out from other brighter and stronger characters.

His eventual betrayal of his friends and the people of the Hidden Leaf, to gather forces to take revenge on his clan, accused him of being one of the best anime antiheroes. His journey to defeat his brother Itachi, the one who killed the Uchiha clan, and knowing that his brother really worked for protection and victory over the village, is one of Naruto's best materials.

Sasuke and Itachi, although they have a lot in common in terms of personality, achievements and fighting techniques; They also have unique characteristics enough to distinguish them. The similarities and intimacy between the two are an important part of the strength of their relationship and their difficulties. Starting from a place and similar capabilities, it is interesting to see how their powers and personalities have developed mutually.

Naruto ninjas can use all the elements of Jutsu, but only ninjas with an affinity for certain elements can make the most of these techniques. While Sasuke and Itachi can use shooting techniques as members of the Uchiha clan, only Sasuke can use lightning attacks.

In fact, the jutsu of this element quickly becomes an important part of his fighting style, as he dominated it more and more throughout the series.