• Mar 01, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
If you think of all the big toy franchises, the Transformers should be on top.

The great wave of nostalgia has returned them to the mainstream with the Michael Bay movies, but real-life minds know that they have never stopped making Transformers toys. 2019 is the best year for them, during which several high-end studios deactivate super cute robots.

1. Masterpiece Star Saber Action Figure
The original figure dates back to 1989 and is part of "Brainmasters," a name you would call someone who makes fun of you, and the character is known as one of the greatest masters of the sword of the known universe. This modern update of the Masterpiece line comes with a smaller character called "Bravery Brain" that can be mounted in your cabin, with its iconic sword and shield.

2. Masterpiece Starscream Action Figure
We will depend heavily on Takara Tomy's line of masterpieces in this summary, and for good reason: they are stupid and combine fidelity with the original design of the characters with smooth transformations and unique and unconventional features.

3. Masterpiece Megatron Action Figure
This modern version of the Decepticon leader is definitely for adults. In return, you will receive an incredibly accurate reproduction of the animated version with tons of gaskets, weapons and a trio of interchangeable faceplates. Look at this guy's expression! He is so excited about doing bad things.