• Feb 27, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
If you think of all the big toy franchises, the Transformers should be on top.

After Hasbro launched it in the 1980s as a conglomerate of several Japanese robots, they became a gigantic multimedia set with animated series, comics, feature films, etc. The great wave of nostalgia has returned them to the mainstream with the Michael Bay movies, but real-life minds know that they have never stopped making Transformers toys.

1. Optimus Prime
The brave leader of the Autobots has discovered in the last three decades that the franchise was one thing, but his recent appearances have reversed the details to take him to the legendary red, silver and blue champion he deserves to be. Based on the appearances of this film, this character in the Studio series offers incredible details without compromising flexibility or transformation. It even comes with a san francisco backdrop.

Although we were quite disappointed with the revised design of the little yellow Autobot in the Bumblebee solo movie, our heart is still one of the classics. The original Bumblebee Transformer was part of the G1 wave with very small characters the size of a matchbox in the transformation, which meant it did not have many details. But this new modern version of the Masterpiece line adds to the size of all the other big cars and the end result is absolutely great, no matter how you have it.