• Apr 08, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
Monkey D. Luffy has great goals, and is not afraid to share them with the world. The hero dreams of becoming the king of the pirates and One piece luffy Action Figure Toys has made great strides to achieve this high status.

After all, the anime Luffy has just won a new title, which Shanks can really be proud of.

The update was affected by the bow of Whole Cake Island when straw hats continued to retreat from the territory of Big Mama. There, the fans knew that Luffy had been honored by the press as a ruler.

Straw hat Luffy has already taken seven powerful pirate groups under his wing and has more than 5,000 subordinates, which makes him an excellent captain. Not only is he a sworn brother of Ace, but also Sabo, the revolutionary army number 2 that has made waves.

The Yonko is made up of the four most feared pirate captains in the world. They are of an order of magnitude unparalleled outside the New World. To date, Shanks has directed Yonko with Charlotte Linlin, Kaido and Marshall D. Teach. Edward Newgate was a member before Teach took the place of his former captain, but it seems that One Piece is expanding the group for Luffy.