• Apr 23, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
The X-Men finally return home.

No, it's not Mansion X, but Marvel Studios, the comic filmmaker who created these characters.

For superhero fans, the new X-Men and Fantastic Four movies definitely sound great under the Marvel cinematographic supervision, considering the quality of the Marvel movie, and how some of the X-Men and Fantastic movies are Four were terribly bad.

But while fusion may seem like a better home for X-Men and Fantastic Four and perhaps some better films on the horizon, there are still big problems: the time, continuity and personalization of these characters in the world. Marvel's cinematic formula: what Marvel is doing will have to deal with that.

Marvel's cinematic universe does not have strict rules to follow. The power of Scarlet Witch has changed since her first film, when she had some kind of mental control in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The limits of Thor's ability to survive are unknown when we saw him floating in space for the last time in the war of infinity. And there are not many explanations for the "jumps" that connect the Guardians of the galaxy with places like Xandar, Ego and Sakaar.