• Mar 12, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
When NECA originally announced a 1/4 Gal Gadot Wonder Woman action figure, with some exceptions, it had the only option to create comic book characters. However, many things were different.

What is a Wonder Woman action figure? Well, this specimen had the best possible moment under these circumstances, perhaps by accident: it reaches the market when the correct successor, Wonder Woman, released its first paintings in 1984 and announced the production; It is believed that in less than a month, the great surprise presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

The similarity does not seem as perfect as some views of NECA directly. I guess it was closer to the basic sculpture and the color made it look a little bigger.

Wonder Woman, the only character in the verse of the DC movie that everyone seems to be optimistic with, may disappear from the inventory much more quickly, and if it meets on this scale, it's worth it.