• Jan 31, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
Robots, space and superhero toys were in evidence when Milestone Auctions organized an auction of top-notch antique toys last fall.

The Justice League has given us great projects. The Batman costume for most of the movie is my most popular movie version to date. The Wonder Woman looked fantastic in action and Aquaman's armor was incredibly majestic. Heavy Armor Batman Toys is my favorite.

However, the tactical combination of Batman stole the show, a mix of armor and elastane that appeared along with comments from Internet comedians who thought they were a gift from God for humor, indicating that Owlman wanted to recover. his glasses Yes, the man who led the League of Guardia and Justice gave Batman a specific appearance, inspired by his previous work.

Anyway, the tactical combination is fun. It's bulky, but not "I'm going to beat SUPERMAN in the face" voluminous. This is the penultimate disguise of Batfleck Hot Toys that I've been waiting for since mid-2017.

For faces, you have your usual trio of records: a neutral face, a furious and tired face. The glasses are pleasant to the touch and can be easily placed by lifting the tabs on the cover and placing them.