• Mar 18, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
We can see Selina building her world around her. Here we see the quality of Selina Kyle. Although the Batman Rogue Gallery is huge, few really try The Batman. Selina is one of them. She is a master thief and a manipulator comparable to Joker.

What happens between the end and the end of Catwoman is a complex network of plans and intentions that choreograph perfectly Catwoman / Selina. Start by extinguishing a gangster called The Broker. A capture that the policemen have dug like this can not reach it.

She begins her allies when she meets or knows Detective Hadley. You are asked not to disturb your bust, which has been moving for some time. Of course, when Inspector Hadley leaves, he does not realize he's leaving his wallet.

Of course, when the action starts, Selina has an advantage, thanks to the experts. Selina even walks by Inspector Hadley when she realizes that Catwoman has ruined her plans. The fact is that, after the fall of Hadley Catwoman in the window, the members of Catwoman recorded the whole scene. Everyone wins except the runner.

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