• Mar 07, 2019
  • by Jack Zhang
When NECA originally announced a 1/4 Gal Gadot Wonder Woman action figure toy, with some exceptions, it had the only option to create comic book characters. However, many things were different.

What is a Wonder Woman action figure toys? Well, this specimen had the best possible moment under these circumstances, perhaps by accident: it reaches the market just when the correct follower, Wonder Woman in 1984, released his first photos and announced the production; It is believed that in less than a month, the great surprise presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

The box, Wonder Woman of bright colors, is a beauty that differs from its mainly black packaging, so many figures enter the scene. And the side panels may look like movie posters, but that is not the case: it is the figure itself that presents.

The similarity does not seem as perfect as some views of NECA directly. I guess it was closer to the basic sculpture and the color made it look a little bigger. But from the point of view and from the sides, Gadot is clearly recognizable.